Sites & Blogs I follow on Feedly

Juxtapoz is an art & culture magazine based out of San Francisco that covers topics that include painting, photography, street art, illustration, music, film, and design. This is one of the first sites that I added to my RSS feed because it is a great source of inspiration and good for keeping up on trends in related artistic fields as well as deign and motion graphics.

Digital Arts
Digital Arts is an online magazine from the UK that covers graphic design, 3d, animation, video, effects, web, and interactive design. Much like Juxtapoz this site is a great source of inspiration and what news about the fields it covers, but it also has tutorials for creative professionals of all levels.

The Fox is Black
The Fox Is Black is an art and design blog that seeks to discover and share the most interesting and inspiring parts of contemporary life and culture. The posts on this blog are somewhat infrequent, but always feature beautiful content that is greats for inspiration.

U Creative
U Creative features articles about design, photography, and other creative businesses, with subtopics ranging from inspiration and resources, to news and behavioral science as it relates to the creative fields.

Visual News
Visual News is an online publication for artists, designers, and anyone really who likes visually interesting things. The content is pretty hard to pin down into only a few categories, but it generally focuses on unique creations from people working in a variety of fields.

Greyscalegorilla is one of the leading sites to learn about motion graphics and 3D software. They regularly post tutorials, and other great articles about the software, and even some great interviews with current artists.

Motionpngrapher is one of the best-known sites for motion graphic artist to get news about the field and see amazing work by fellow artists. There is even a section for jobs, which I like to check, to not only see what is open in Chicago but to also see what other companies are looking for in motion graphic artists from all over.

Stash is a site that focuses it’s content on things that are currently going on in the design, visual effects, and animation industry. I just recently started to follow this site because the posts are always inspirational and also give good insight these industries.

Wired Design
Wired’s design section isn’t specially focused on one area in design, but I think it’s important for all creative professionals to keep up-to-date with what is going on in fields related to theirs as well. Mostly I find a lot of use in reading about what changes are happening in the tech world, as I’m interested in going into a tech-heavy area of design.

FastCo Design
FastCo Design is very similar to Wired Design, in that it’s has a pretty broad focus. The articles are not only great with keeping up with tech news, but they are also very inspiring because they often feature projects that use technology and materials in new and innovative ways.



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