Twitter accounts I follow

Digital Kitchen Studio
This is a local creative and digital agency (with offices also in L.A. and Seattle). I started following them because I am really interested in the work that they produce, and because I know they are very active in the motion graphic / experiential design community.

Wine after Coffee
This is a really great account for motion graphic inspiration. It’s really just a twitter feed for a Vimeo channel that is curated by some of the best motion graphic artists out there.

EJ Hassenfratz
EJ Hassenfratz is a motion graphic designer from Washington DC. He is very active in the community and often posts tutorials, live streams, and promotes other motion designers works through his twitter making a great source for information and inspiration.

Motion Array
I have to admit I don’t know about the history or backstory to Motion Array, but I started following them on twitter because it’s a great source for tutorials and templates for working with video and motion graphics.

Motion Artists Group
The Motion Artists Group twitter is for the local motion artists in Chicago. I started following this twitter to stay up-to-date about the events and meet ups going on in the city.

Chicago C4D
This twitter is similar to the Motion Artists Group, but is a bit more specific to local artists and designers working with Cinema 4D. I also follow this group to keep up with the events, and because this group is a bit more professional, and a lot of the events take place at the top studios in Chicago.

Animalators is a new podcast created by Zack Dixion, a motion graphic artists from Nashville. He often posts the new episodes to the twitter, but also updates on the other artists that he’s interviewed on the podcast and samples of their work.

Leviathan is another local studio, focusing on conceptual motion graphic and experiential design. Much like Digital Kitchen I started following this twitter after seeing their work and seeing how involved they are with the community.

STA Chicago
STA is a network for creative artists and designers in Chicago. They often host events and work with others in Chicago’s design community and have a lot of great resources for students, like their upcoming student portfolio review.

AIGA Chicago
Much like STA, AIGA Chicago is focused on educating and uniting the Chicago design community. I follow this account to stay up-to-date on local events and contest for Chicago designers.


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