Reformatting the text, “Multimedia components…”

While reformatting the text, “Multimedia components. Sometimes more is more” the main goal for me was to separate out the text and create a sort of outline to establish the hierarchy. I noticed that after the introduction there seemed to be 4 major sections: Thumbnails, Images, Video, and Audio. Each of these topics had different amounts of content to them, but overall they seemed to be their own district sections and they seemed equally important to one another. So I decided to make each section header the same H2.

The intro section read pretty clearly and didn’t need to be broken up into smaller chunks, but I did notice there were 3 paragraphs starting with: First, Second, and Third. Those paragraphs seemed like they should stand out a bit from the rest of the text, but considering they were already numbered, I didn’t want to put them into a list. Rather I chose to italicize the first word so that it would be easier for people scanning the article to see that those three paragraphs worked with each other.

The shorter section about thumbnails, storyboards, and site maps, seemed pretty straightforward as well. There were only 3 paragraphs and nothing in them appeared to more important then everything else in the section, so I left those paragraphs unformatted.

The next section, Working with Images, was the largest of the main sections, and clearly needed to be broken up into other smaller sections. After the introduction paragraphs was the headline “Slideshows”, though the rest of the sections following it all seemed like they should be nested under that headline in the hierarchy. There were a few paragraphs that focused on specific topics, as was evident by the paragraph structures having each topic listed in the very beginning. Because they were in the paragraphs, I chose to bold those topics, so it would be easy to scan, but keep the number of subheading down. The last things I noticed with this section is the last little subsection of “Slideshows with Audio” which I chose to give a H4 format, since I gave the “Slideshows” headline H3 formatting.

The last two major sections seemed to be made up of mostly lists. For the lists that had headings, I have those headings H4 so they would be easy to see that they were equal in hierarchy. The last bit of formatting I did, was to the last paragraph, which also had a short first sentence that served to show that the topic of that paragraph was, so again, I chose to set it in bold so it would stand out and help people skimming the article to easily identify.


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