Reflection on New About Page

As I searched around the internet reading through many about pages for graphic designers and motion graphic artists, I found that there are a ton of them out there with only one small paragraph as their About Me page. I quickly found myself almost never wanting to actually read what was written on those pages because all those little paragraphs were the exact same, and never said anything of interest. However, the longer About Me sections were always the most interesting, and knowing that there was so much more to learn about the designer made me want to read it.

One of my favorite ones is from Nick Vegas. His is great because it paints a completely different picture of him outside of his professional life. He also uses a lot of humor in his storytelling, which keeps you wanting to read more.

Bret Victor also used a lot of story telling on his page. The first thing that draws the attention is the fun charts and graphs that show different aspects of his life over the past 20 years, but then there’s also a story along the left side of the page, written in a very cleaver way, that shows his past working experience.

Don and Ryan Clark, of Invisible Creature, also use a longer story on their about me page to show the long and interesting path they took to get to where they are now.

Another thing that caught my eye while looking through the pages was when the designers had their information sectioned out well. It might not have been the most interesting information in each section, but it was nice to be able to digest it in smaller chucks.

Matt Jylkka, of Mt. Mograph does this really well on his site. There are only 4 sections, but each showing different aspects about him and his work.

Mig Reyes also uses a few different sections on his about me page, to show the different things he is interested in doing. After reading just the into blurb, and the headings for each section you already have a pretty good idea of what he’s like as a person.

After looking at, and analyzing the other About Me pages out there, I decided I would focus on story telling for my About Me page and showing a bit of a different side of myself that would help people see what kind of person I am beyond just the type of work I do, but also section it out into smaller clearly defined chunks.


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