Elements of the Author’s Craft.

Mode often refers to the method of writing that an author chooses to convey their message. The type of message, audience, and media used often dictate which modes are more appropriate for a type of writing. For examples, copy writing for a billboard ad campaign and writing a magazine article require different modes, or types of writing, to convey their message.

Media is used to describe how the message is being conveyed to the audience. Newspaper articles, podcasts, and photo essays, and animated videos are all very different types of media. Each type of media has its pros and cons, and is better suited to certain types of content.

Audience is the demography and characteristics of those who are going to read and view the work. It’s important to know who the audience of the work is, and how much they already know or don’t know about the topic, in order to write in the most compelling way for them.

The purpose of the work is what it aims to accomplish. Some podcasts have a purpose of informing their readers, while ad campaigns have the purpose of getting the audience to take some sort of actions –visit a website or buy a product for example.

Situation for the Writer:
Situation for the writer refers to the different types of situations that writers might find themselves in while writing a piece of work. Their personal writing habits, the technology they use, and the styles or genres can all have an impact on the situations that writers create their work in.

Situation of the Writing:
While the writer has more control over the situations that they write in, there are also external things that can have an influence in writing. These things can be outside demands like deadlines, or audience expectations and they help define the situation of the writing.


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