State of the Art – Stage One

There is no real denying that we have entered into a new era of technology. And with that comes a massive change to how designers approach logo design. Not only do they need to consider how the logo appears when printed, but also more consideration needs to be taken for how it looks digitally on different screens and at different sizes. And on top of all that, the Internet provides even more room for criticism on logo designs, which can have huge impacts on the designers and the brands. Gone are the days of gaudy rode side shop signs, where the name of the game was to be interesting and unique enough for people to remember them, and now are the days when even a simple small company logo can go viral and be criticized by people around the world due to poor design.


Past –before trend

  • Started as far back as people developed writing / had objects they needed to show ownership over.
  • Evolved to house crests,
  • Marking small businesses – way finding of sorts
  • Print
  • Branding larger companies / ad age of Paul rand
  • Move to digital world –super horrible designs
  • Now there are many sites offering contest, build your own logos, rating logo designs, and sharing good ones.


Present –How people are currently dealing with/incorporating the trend

  • Better digital designs –web design breaks away from print
  • Stating to design for app icons
  • Starting to have more global range
  • Trying really really hard not to create something that will go viral for the wrong reasons
  • Account for logo animation


Future –Speculative with reasons to back up why certain things are going to happen.

  • New technology is going to present the logos in different ways – VR, Holograms, projection mapping…
  • Possibly more break away from print and web design/branding/marketing
  • Brighter bolder colors and more crisp and clear designs on screens –digital logos and start getting more intricate
  • More room for error, and more room for scrutiny over logo designs


Background on Profession

  • Graphic design has been around for basically ever in many forms
  • Most recent change in regards to logos is the 1900s with companies going global and better print technology / video to help reach a wider audience
  • The break away into web design –so messy so bad, the tech wasn’t there yet.


Why it’s happening ( cause / opportunity )

  • Technology is booming, and companies want to get their name out and all over that stuff as soon as possible –but it still needs to look good too.
  • People are more connected now than ever before and they can easily share content and voice their opinions about that content
  • In the competitive markets branding is hugely important, so there is so much more pressure to do it well.



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