My Current Web Presence

While I have quite a few social media accounts, I haven’t been posting much lately to keep up a very active presence. Over the past year I’ve shifted how I used social media to try and focus more on my professional online presence. The accounts that I use and like the most now are Instagram and Twitter. On both of those networks I follow many other artists that are working in graphic design and motion graphics to keep myself up to date and aware of what is happening in my field, though I have not been posting much to either of those sites. I like each of those sites because the information I see posted is usually visual and quick and to the point, which allows me to take in more content quickly. To showcase my work, I have a website, and accounts on Behance and Dribbble, but I also have not been posting to either of those as much as I maybe should be. I also have accounts with Facebook and Snapchat, but not for keeping up my professional online presence. I visit facebook somewhat regularly to keep up-to-date with my friends and family, and I basically never log into Snapchat because I just don’t understand the appeal of it –maybe I’m too old to understand the fun behind selfie messages.


My Content Production Experience

Beyond personal posts, I’ve worked on creating digital content for previous jobs I’ve had and for some school assignments. Through school, I’ve worked on a few websites using my own code and using WordPress. The types of assignment ranged from making an interactive slideshow type page, to building out a portfolio website, though, I would say that web design is probably my weakest design skill set. I’ve also worked on email campaigns (using MailChimp), blog posts, social media posts (mostly Facebook and Instagram), and website ads and banners at my past two jobs. For those I have mostly created illustrations and templates for email blasts and web banners and some animated website widgets, but mostly I have been tasked with posting to social media for a salon where I worked part time, which involved taking or finding photos or videos to post along with some copy to drum up business or talk about promotions on a regular basis. However, copywriting is also not one of my strongest skills.


My Professional Focus & Goals

All my life I have always enjoyed art and creating things, thought I never felt like my artistic skills were the best. In high school I took a photography class and that became a hobby of mine for a while. Then in college I took a few more classes, but realized that I probably wasn’t going to enjoy a career, or make much money, as an artist/photographer. I switched majors a few times but nothing really interested me much so eventually I took a few years off school to figure it out without wasting all that money. During that time I started to follow a lot of art blogs and magazines online, and was drawn to a lot of the work graphic designers were doing. I even read some interviews with graphic designers and they seemed to have the same feelings about art as I had, and randomly fell into graphic design and loved it. So I started to do more research and eventually decided to go back to school for graphic design. I loved everything I was learning and how I was able to create things with more of a purpose and solve complex visual problems. A couple years into school I took a motion graphics class and I was pretty hooked after that. I love that this area is growing so much and there are always so many new things to learn and tools being developed. My degree only has a “specialization” in motion graphics vs. a full minor in the field (my degree is from Harrington College of Design) so I’ve been taking a lot of online classes and going through tutorials in my spare time to keep expanding my knowledge beyond the few classes I’ve taken at school. Eventually I would like to work as a motion graphic designer, or at least work as a graphic designer somewhere that also has me work on motion graphic projects.


My Course Goals

My goal for this site is to create something visually appealing as well containing compelling content. As I mentioned before, web design and copy writing are not some of my strongest skills, so I would like to come out of this class with a well-designed page and with text that other people would actually want to read through. With this page I want to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of motion graphics. It’s something I am definitely still new to, but I have a strong passion for it and want to eventually build my career around motion graphics. I’m not sure if there is anything specific I can think of that I am most interested in learning about for this course. But just looking at the bigger picture I’m excited to see how my, and everyone else’s, projects come together, and how much my writing skills improve, and how much more comfortable I will be with creating digital content after this course.


In Summary

My main goals for this project is to create a site that clearly demonstrates my knowledge of the motion graphics field, as I would eventually like to build my career doing motion graphic work. I would also like to expand my skills around web design, content creation, and writing, because those are some of my weakest skills and I know that having a strong web presence can make a huge impact on my professional career.