About – Revised.

The Gist:

Hi, I’m Kelsey, a digital designer based out of Chicago with an emphasis in motion arts, illustration, and graphic design. I created this site as a platform to share my experiences, knowledge, and digital work with the world.

A Brief History:

As far back as can remember, I have always been interested in all types of visual art and design. Whenever I came across something that caught my eye and seemed aesthetically pretty, I would find myself studying it and trying to figure out what is was exactly that made it so interesting. I would ask myself things like: How do the patterns line up? How do the colors affect the way I feel about the work? How are the elements arranged so they work together so well?

During high school, my photography class presented me with a lot of exciting challenges that peaked my visual interests. Photography quickly grew into a favorite hobby of mine, but I never felt like it was the right career path for me. In college I began studying psychology, because I was also interested in the other end of the science of visual experience. While being absolutely fascinating, psychology never satisfied my need to be a creator. After spending some time away from school and looking into other career options, I found that graphic and motion design would provide me with the most rewarding challenges at the intersection of both my visual arts and psychology interests. I then decided to enroll at Harrington College of Design here in Chicago, and quickly felt like I had finally found the right path.

As a graphic design student focusing on motion graphics, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the fundamentals of good design and motion work. I have also committed myself to developing strong technical, executional, and conceptual skills for not only motion graphics but also print and web design. In my free time, I enjoy taking online classes and working through tutorials to broaden my knowledge and acquire new tools and tricks to enhance and expand my skill set.

Looking toward the Future:

The world of motion and graphic design is vast and quickly expanding now thanks to amazing new technology advancements, so I know I will always have a lot to keep me busy and continue learning! Most recently, I have stated to work with 3D motion graphics, and my desire is to continue to learn more about working with video and visual effects in the future.